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As specialists in the human side of change, we create individual, team and organisational focus. This is where decisiveness and results can be achieved in an atmosphere of trust, respect and an appreciation of each other’s differences. In other words, we work on productivity (result-oriented leadership) and positivity (connective leadership). A shared challenge for managers and employees.

Business coaching

Our coaches have previously held executive positions or come from senior management. They know what is required from a manager and how complicated it can be in practice.

Team development

Less than 10% of teams are high-performing. This is because the balance within a team often goes to an extreme: either functional or people-oriented.

Organisation development

These new core values and strategy are all very well, but they are simply paper tigers. How can we transform them into results? Hint: people are the key to change and growth.

Leadership development

Employees are more likely to leave their manager rather than the organisation. We help develop managers into leaders who have the capacity to captivate and connect.

Why our methods lead to results


COURIUS will support you with proven methods and techniques. Our consultants, coaches and trainers all have (very) wide management experience, have undergone training in a variety of fields and are certified.

We understand that every situation is different and that each organisation or manager has different needs and requirements. For this reason, we are flexible in the way we work and deliver services and support that match your requirements perfectly. Thanks to a strong international network, clear and open communication and a constructive approach, we can achieve meaningful results together with our clients.

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Why choose a COURIUS training?

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  • Working in a purposeful way is paramount
  • Develop your team in an effective way
  • We create an active and motivated attitude
  • Theory is put into practice in a light-hearted way

Together we’ll overcome the barriers and we’ll get to work on the basis of trust, respect and commitment!

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