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human side of change

Organisational consulting and implementation for lasting behavioural change

Business coaching

Our coaches have previously held executive positions or come from senior management. They know what is required from a manager and how complicated it can be in practice

Team development

Less than 10% of teams are high-performing. This is because the balance within a team often goes to an extreme: either functional or people-oriented.

Organisation development

These new core values and strategy are all very well, but they are simply paper tigers. How can we transform them into results? Hint: people are the key to change and growth.

Leadership development

Employees are more likely to leave their manager rather than the organisation. We help develop managers into leaders who have the capacity to captivate and connect.

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We are proud of our client portfolio and enjoy working for big, international brands but certainly also for clients that are less well-known but just as ambitious and challenging.

Are we taking steps towards the future together?


‘As a manager, how do I give space to my people without us becoming a club of free-riders?’

‘Our team days are not producing lasting change. Surely there must be an approach that does work?’

‘How can we in HR help our overburdened managers combine results and calm?’

‘You are looking for a no-nonsense coach, trainer or consultant with solid managerial experience. We have those.’

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In our blog, we share (life) lessons on leadership, team development, behavioural change and connection.

Meet our team


Our team consists of enthusiastic and motivated people with passion for their profession and extensive management experience. Because of this practical experience and our years of experience as advisor, trainer and (team) coach, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with optimal support. Find our full team here.

We are not pleasers


Do you embrace real change, including in your own development as a person? We engage with parties who know that an awayday does not fundamentally change management culture. We tell the truth. The process of change is not always “fun” but opens your eyes and releases a reservoir of energy.

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