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Sustain impact on the future of your organisation instead of putting out fires. Try and establish what is important to you in your (business) life and enhance the contact with your employees and the people around you with the help of the most experienced business coach.

Real change

If you want real change and are looking for new perspectives

Experienced sparring partners

Experienced sparring partners who have gone through it all themselves

Successful match

Careful intake ensures a successful match with your coach

A Business Coach who is right for you


Our team consists of the best business coaches with a managerial background. They are more than familiar with the challenges that you may  encounter! Through their experience as managers, but also as coaches, they will help you to take the right steps in achieving growth.

Dear Manager and Entrepreneur,

You didn’t reach the position you are in now just like that. You are probably self-disciplined and hard on yourself. Some people can take this too far and, at a certain point, most of them push themselves to their limits.

You can’t push yourself or your employees any harder. And you can’t take even more organisational or personal problems home with you. You have the feeling that you’re losing control of your life, that you’re losing your grip.

Meanwhile, you can hear that little voice in your head asking you, ‘How can I organise my work more efficiently and achieve a better balance between my work and private life?’ ‘After all, I must be able to do this. Why on earth am I still so unsure about this at my age?’

Or ‘I’m successful, yet I’m still lacking a sense of fulfilment in my work.’

Undivided attention for all your headaches

Managers and entrepreneurs are required to have a skill set for which most of them haven’t been trained. Okay, maybe you’ve had some management training: a seminar here and there, some advice from a manager who is also occupied with other things. But you can’t really make that person responsible for everything; some issues are too sensitive. Business coaching is substantially different. What would it be like to have a coach that could totally zoom in on your problem in a safe and secure environment? The success rate of this type of coaching is far higher than a standard training course.

Experienced business coaches

Our business coach is there for your problems. He or she comes from an executive position or senior management and is familiar with the practical and personal challenges. Such as:

  • Why don’t many people do what I want them to do? How can I get a larger group of people moving?
  • How can I achieve targets without people digging their heels in and ensure that I’m not heading towards a burnout?
  • How can I get back again to the issues that are essential to the organisation and which give me energy?
  • How can I improve the contact with my colleagues and get honest feedback about the issues involved?

Our business coaching hotline

Do you have an acute dilemma? Within 24 hours you can talk to a business coach who has been through it all before. You will receive advice immediately. Always 100% confidential and without obligation.

High-performing athletes have a coach


Why aren’t we as professionals coached continuously? After all, a high-performing athlete without a coach is also unimaginable? The better the athlete becomes, the larger his support team.

The best people in their field have a coach. You deserve one too.

What only an external coach can do


The way to make you aware of your blind spots and points for improvement is to ask for feedback. But it is sometimes difficult for managers and entrepreneurs to get honest feedback.

It can be quite lonely at the top – or halfway up the ladder. That’s why it’s important to make use of personal coaching: some straight talking about what is going well and what isn’t.

An external coach can also ask questions in an impartial way and encourage you to come up with an idea that no one else could have done within your own organisation.

From  middle management to executives


We help entrepreneurs and managers, from middle managers to chief executives, to become better managers.

Some of our clients have an acute problem. Others come along for a kind of periodic vehicle inspection: they want to know whether they’re on the right track, or if they’re missing something or if they’re failing to take the right steps in their business and/or personal development.

Real change instead of simply treating the symptoms


A coaching programme starts with your problem and you will receive a solution to this. But that is only the beginning. In order to ensure that we are not simply treating the symptoms, we quickly get down to the essentials. You can’t hide during the coaching process – we go right to the core of the problem. This process is no picnic!

The thing that has changed is that I know that I can get more things done and can stimulate people on the strength of my personal charisma. I realise that I can really find myself again if there is an air of calm and a basis for trust. I can be who I want to be and I know where to find the ‘on’ button for sparkling again.

(Anonymous on request)

If we find the key to your personal skills and development, everything will suddenly run more smoothly. For you, your staff and the organisation as a whole. You yourself are the key! That is such a liberating feeling! If you don’t force issues, everything will work even better.

What we can promise you

  • People will start moving without you exercising pressure on them. The ship will change course without you having to continually tug the ropes.
  • You will feel better because you are better at letting things go, you don’t take yourself too seriously and because you take fewer problems home with you.
  • You will boost your energy by contributing to innovation and therefore the future of the organisation, instead of putting out fires.
  • You will have a better relationship with your staff. You will no longer have the feeling that they are afraid to share everything.
  • You will have new and refreshing perspectives on challenges and opportunities. That feeling of losing control will disappear.

Our business coaching hotline

Do you have an acute dilemma? Within 24 hours you can talk to a business coach who has been through it all before. You will receive advice immediately. Always 100% confidential and without obligation.

In addition to a Business Coach, COURIUS can offer:

COURIUS works on the basis of connectivity and, in addition to business coaching, also offers master classes, team development, organisation development and leadership development.