Mission, vision & core values

Don’t try to be good at everything. Pick out a few things that you are good at and do your best. – Liz Ashe

Our mission


We truly believe that by giving employees space, building relationships with clients based on trust and creating mutual trust, this will lead to sustainable and better results for everyone concerned. Based on this optimistic attitude, we focus on companies who subscribe to this way of thinking and are prepared to invest in it. COURIUS delivers high-quality support to these companies and their employees to achieve the ambitious goals they have set.

Our vision


We would like to bring about fundamental change in the consultancy industry; besides earning money, we also explicitly wish to take responsibility and help build a sustainable society by donating part of our time and part of our profits to socially responsible projects and organisations. In addition, clients and the media see us as trendsetters in the development and implementation of the ‘new leadership’ philosophy.

Our core values


We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. – Aristotle

Top quality

Only the very best is good enough. We don’t do what we can’t do. What we are able to do, we do perfectly. Our clients deserve an optimal result achieved with all the available expertise from both the client and COURIUS.

People -oriented and result-oriented

Success is achieved through people. Whether it involves personal development, changes in a team or an entire organisation. But investing in people without clear goals and results is not an option – we look for the right balance between people and results.

Sustainable change

No one-off interventions to create a good feeling, but the best quality with long-lasting results. Based on personal experience, our specialists search for the intervention that matches your ambitions. If you really want to change something and are looking for a breakthrough, then you’ve come to the right place. Trust and connection are important ingredients for this.


Thinking in terms of opportunities and possibilities is one of our characteristics. We believe in the development of the new leadership; in organisations and society. Key words include trust, transparency, inspiration, dreams, positivity and resolution.

Social participation

Investing in society is an important motivation. Not because we want to show off or as part of a sales pitch, but anonymously and personally because it is our conviction.

We still receive Christmas cards from these clients

We are proud of our client portfolio and know we are connected to big, international brands but certainly also to clients who are less well-known but just as ambitious and challenging. Here, you can find our references

What clients say about us


“Together we transformed my leadership style to the next level. In the process I always had the impression that everything that we did was completely customized to my needs”.

Operations Manager at Rockwool