Sjors Brouwer
Sjors Brouwer

Sjors Brouwer

My specialties

  • Executive coaching
  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • Organisational consultant
  • Strategy
  • Change management
  • Culture Change
  • EMCC Practitioner Level Coach
  • Certified Team Performance Coach

Get to know Sjors ...

I am Sjors Brouwer, executive & team coach, trainer and facilitator. Friends and colleagues describe me as a clear quick thinker and problem solver. At the same time, I bring calm and overview and do not shy away from confrontation. With me, the ‘soft’ development and reflection processes and the ‘hard’ business and result orientation go hand in hand.

Style of working

I have a deep drive to get results, to help people, teams and organisations develop. I do this by reducing problems to their core. What is your purpose? What is your ‘why’? In doing so, I believe in the goodness of people. The opening to results starts with understanding and compassion for the behaviour of others.

My background

I have a broad background in organisational science, change management, business psychology, mindfulness and coaching (including NOBCO). I combine my role at COURIUS with a management position within the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association). In that role, I experience leadership issues myself on a daily basis and that helps to get to the heart of the problem quickly.

I help you develop a winning mindset by reversing unhelpful beliefs and blockages. In my business coaching, I am sharp and to the point. Confrontational if necessary. In life coaching, we explore together where your key to happiness lies. What drives you? We actively seek different perspectives and deepen your relationships.


My own path of growth began during personal development in 2004. During a training, I wanted to perform and vulnerability did not fit with that. In retrospect, I realised that this attitude is not helpful to really move forward. It was the beginning of an extraordinary journey of intense confrontations, intense relationships, enriching coaching and meaningful encounters. Now I see vulnerability as the ultimate form of strength and leadership.