Ron Stieding
Ron Stieding

Ron Stieding


Mijn specialties

  • Change management
  • Innovation
  • Cultural change
  • Strategic and complex issues
  • Team development
  • Solutioncy
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I was initially trained as a physical education teacher but quickly transitioned to entrepreneurship. After completing the Master’s in Sport & Exercise Innovation, my focus shifted towards consultancy, change, and innovation. Understanding and influencing people and processes to achieve positive outcomes have been my areas of interest. Over the past years, I have undertaken change projects for NOC*NSF and various municipalities, as well as held management and board positions within the sports sector. I also enjoy serving as a guest lecturer and business implementation coach at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem & Nijmegen.


Sports have been a common thread throughout my life, shaping me as an athlete, coach, administrator, advisor, entrepreneur, and avid enthusiast. Those I collaborate with describe me as calm, decisive, energetic, and occasionally contrarian, but always tactful. I thrive in a complex, dynamic environment that challenges me. I am an ambitious and solution-oriented individual who derives energy from working collaboratively to achieve a positive (sustainable) outcome. My strengths lie in creativity, patience, maintaining perspective, and staying composed. My motto is to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said.

Drawing from the metaphor of sports, ‘winning’ always takes center stage. However, my definition of winning has evolved over the years, taking on a broader meaning. While it used to be about intense competition with myself or others, life experiences have brought about a transition.

Winning increasingly revolves around development, collaboration, experience, enjoyment, and happiness. The importance of ‘winning together’ has become more prominent over the years. But, I must admit, when I’m on my racing bike or playing a game of padel, I still find immense satisfaction in outperforming others and bringing out the best in myself. And if I happen to lose, I still need a moment to process it.

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