Mike Brouwer
Mike Brouwer

Mike Brouwer


Mijn specialties

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Registered psychologist (NIP)
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Get to know Mike ...

I am Mike Brouwer, a Registered Psychologist (NIP) and executive coach with an international MBA. Colleagues describe me as curious and decisive. Allegedly, I can easily bring others along with my enthusiasm and challenge them to look at a problem, a situation, or themselves in a different way. Other commendable words include: connecting, warm, optimistic, maintaining calmness and overview in stressful situations.

My focus is on promoting dignity and sustainability in the workplace, and thus, on interpersonal interaction, possibly best summarized in the phrase: “all change is in relation to others.”

My background

A significant part of my career has revolved around leading large ICT projects and involved teams. From teaching karate, I have gradually shifted towards coaching, complemented by an MSc in Psychology in the Occupational and Organizational direction. Many of my clients are executives at major multinational corporations or consulting firms in various parts of the world.

Additionally, I have worked extensively with refugees and served as a regional coordinator during the implementation of the new Integration Act. In addition to work-related topics, my role as a psychologist/coach also allows for addressing issues related to existential well-being.

My approach

My approach is characterized as analytical, systematic, and focused on step-by-step change. Courage and learning to take a step back are the keywords in this process. In summary, I work in a structured manner drawing from my background in ICT and MBA, and I bring a connecting aspect from my work as a coach and psychologist.