Marco Buschman
Marco Buschman

Marco Buschman

Managing partner

My specialties

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • The Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner
  • Best performing teams & organisations
  • Management and coaching training courses
  • ICF Master Certified Coach
  • Certified Team Performance Coach
  • Insights Discovery Certified Practitioner
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Boeken van mijn hand

Connection Quotient (2023)

Revised second edition

Get to know Marco ...

I am an energetic and challenging leadership expert, team and executive coach, international facilitator, speaker and bestseller author. I focus on the (further) development of the connecting ability (The Connection Quotient) of leaders, executives and management teams at home and abroad. In my performance, I tackle questions in a practical and solution-oriented way. Clients describe my style as optimistic, decisive, empathetic, passionate, result-oriented and inspiring.


My passion is connection and interconnectivity and (further) developing leadership where a focus on results and decisiveness go hand in hand with an atmosphere of trust, respect and valuing mutual differences. In other words: working on productivity and positivity. Within my work, I use proven scientific insights and proven principles. I am internationally certified as a Master Certified Coach and Certified Team Performance Coach.

I teach the Leadership & Change course at Maastricht University within their online MBA programme and act as Executive Coach for MBA students. I also regularly give interactive lectures, including as a speaker for the Speakers Academy. I also regularly write blogs for management sites, among others.

My background

Besides completed studies at the Royal Military Academy and the Catholic University of Nijmegen, I spent 8.5 years as a professional officer in the Royal Air Force. In 1999, I switched to business services; first as a consultant, then as a manager and from the end of 2005 as a trainer/coach in the field of personal development. To fully fulfil my passion for leadership and team development, I made the step to independence in 2007 and founded COURIUS.

I have a good feel for daily reality and experience in various environments. From predictable to turbulent, from ‘straightforward’ to politically sensitive, from stability to crisis and from government to commercial. I am a person who creates an atmosphere where people are willing to work together and can grow at the same time.

My approach

I have a well-developed listening ear and a keen but mild analytical eye. I arrive at clear wording and take clear positions without detours, where necessary or desired. This makes me a discussion partner who is called in with good results for organisational advice, team development, personal development, training, (team) coaching, interim management and change management. But above all, I am a real people person; an understanding person with a genuine interest in my discussion partners and a passion for human development and interpersonal relations.

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