Mandy Sol
Mandy Sol

Mandy Sol


My specialties

  • Personal coaching
  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • HR Manager
  • Talent development
  • Career coaching
  • Occupational psychologist
  • Rational Emotive Therapy
  • EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach
  • Insights Discovery Certified Practitioner
  • PAPI Job Profiler
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Get to know Mandy ...

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Mandy Sol. As an occupational and organisational psychologist, I was trained in the broad field of people in relation to work. I also specialised in change management. Since my studies, I have enjoyed contributing to the development of people, teams and organisations. I am driven to always get the best out of myself and to keep developing as a person, coach and trainer. That way, I can also help others in their growth in the best possible way. As a coach and trainer, I inspire, motivate, mirror, confront and challenge you to achieve the change you want.

My background

My professional career is all about developing, connecting, changing and creating. I have been a trainer at the Training Centre of VU University Amsterdam and I have supervised change processes at various organisations.

I also have extensive managerial experience. I have been personnel and commercially responsible for two temporary employment agencies. I have also been the manager of 40 HR professionals. In the role of HR manager, I have had HR responsibility for business units of 200 to 700 professionals.

Besides working for COURIUS, I am a talent manager at a large international ICT company. In that role, I enjoy creating various talent and leadership development programmes and coaching professionals and managers in their development. I am also a (career) coach and trainer there. I facilitate team development processes and (international) leadership training courses for starting managers but also for experienced Vice Presidents.

Because personal development is my motivation, I continue to actively work on my own professionalism. For instance, I have been trained as a career coach and followed a course in conflict management. I have also completed training in the areas of fear of failure, talent management and Rational Emotive Training (R.E.T.). I achieved further depth in coaching by being trained as a Co-Active coach. With the NOBCO and EMCC, I am certified as a coach at Senior Practitioners level and I am a certified Insights (team) coach and trainer.

I also founded my own company SOL-ID CHANGE, because what I love most is creating impact and change with my coaching and training!

My approach

Clients and colleagues describe me as: driven, positive, creative, honest, accessible, passionate about development, thinking in terms of opportunities, empathetic, professional and focused on creating real impact. I am known as an inspiring and intuitive coach. Because I know how to create an open atmosphere, people dare to be vulnerable and take an honest look at themselves.

If you only get insight through coaching, I am not satisfied. What matters to me is that you really dare to act on your new insight. Action, courage and staying true to your own values is important in this. I will continue to challenge and sometimes confront you and always do so with good intentions. Together with my knowledge and professionalism, this is the basis for growth and change.

Which change will you go for?