Leonie van der Zwan
Leonie van der Zwan

Leonie van der Zwan

Managing partner

My specialties

  • Personal Coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Team development
  • TeamEnergy
  • Culture Change
  • Personal Leadership
  • Group and organisational dynamics
  • Stress & Burn-Out Recovery
  • Profilizer
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Get to know Leonie ...

Energy does form a guideline in my professional life… I like to make an energetic and inspiring contribution to people and teams who want to develop from ownership. Appreciative and non-judgemental, I look for the essence: what really matters. With the ability to look with my heart, I combine warmth and sharpness in the contact. Because of my strong inner sense of direction for the process, I faultlessly sense what is needed, appropriate to one’s own and the joint path. To then move from feeling and thinking to doing: what are you really going to do now?

My background

Originally, I am a psychologist with an interest in team and organisational dynamics. In addition to being an occupational and organisational psychologist, I graduated cum laude in cultural change in the police force.

Feeling – Thinking – Doing are inextricably linked in my career and working method and determine the type and degree of energy released. From my company NewGo, I and my business partner, in collaboration with the VU and TU Delft, have developed a model called TeamEnergie©. This model has been validated and tested in practice and clearly shows what teams are capable of when there is a lot of good energy present. Fascinating stuff, I think!

TeamEnergy© answers the question of how to activate, effectively use, restore or recharge the energy present in teams. Energy is needed to create, to bring something about, to excel. Despite that simple insight, energy is not managed in organisations. Imagine what happens if, as an organisation, you do …

My approach

Clients describe me as someone who knows how to “grab hold” of people firmly and always with a gentle hand, bring them to a standstill, mirror them and set them in motion. This is how I create a bed for personal and collective development.

I am convinced that there are ideas and solutions in every team to positively influence energy. Teams are thus the key to their own success: they are in the lead and take the initiative. Is that easy? No. It requires quite a change for all involved: a different way of thinking and acting. Instead of solutions imposed from above, I believe more in ‘ownership’. My motto here is ‘slow down to accelerate’.