Jeroen Brink
Jeroen Brink

Jeroen Brink

My specialties

  • Corporate Coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • Change Management
  • Transformations
  • Business development
    Positive Psychology
    Certified Team Performance Coach

Meet Jeroen

I am Jeroen Brink. My clients describe me as rational, inquisitive and solution-oriented. Conversations, reflections and insights should lead to actions and results. At the same time, they indicate that I am warm, committed and sincere. I love helping people discover themselves and their potential. In doing so, I always see that more is possible than initially thought. The basis for this is to keep looking curiously at yourself and your surroundings and to start moving from there.

My background

I am originally a business economist with more than 15 years of marketing experience in international business. In 2005, I was internationally certified as a Business Coach.

For several years, I have been working as Director Business Transformation at AkzoNobel. In this role, I am responsible for concrete and large-scale change projects aimed at measurable improvements in sustainability, complexity reduction and overall performance improvement. The successes achieved have been achieved by getting people on board alongside solid processes.

My guiding principle in all my thinking and actions: changes can only be perpetuated by people. This is where my two natural styles come in handy: the result-oriented change manager and the people-oriented coach-on-the-job.


In addition to my current work at AkzoNobel, I offer executive and business coaching on a limited scale. My role: by holding up a mirror and giving back what I see and experience, I set you in motion. Always with respect for you as a person and at the same time result-oriented. Who are you and what is your course in your work/life? After our conversations, you will have a new way of looking at yourself, your actions and your goals, and you will have converted these insights into actions that lead to your desired results.