Iris van Gijzel
Iris van Gijzel

Iris van Gijzel

My specialties

  • Personal Coaching
  • Personal leadership
  • Team coaching
  • Trainer and mentor Coaching skills
  • Parental coaching

Get to know Iris ...

You can often find me outside: running, gardening, hiking or going into the woods with my two daughters. It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s outdoors! I also enjoy individual coaching sessions outside; walking in the woods or on the beach gives me the most beautiful insights.

I am a warm and sensitive coach and trainer who wants to inspire and support people in building trust. Trust in themselves, in others and in life. As far as I am concerned, greater trust leads to more relaxation and pleasure in your work and life.

Trust is key in every relationship. That is why I support both individuals and teams to get to a higher level of (self)confidence, allowing them to grow in the areas where they want to. Whether it is a professional issue or a private challenge, I encourage people to explore their challenges by creating a confidential, open and accessible atmosphere.

Clients described me as playful and professional at the same time. I bring lightness while we do real work. They called me a great listener, patient and with clear insights.

My background

My journey to becoming a coach began when I was invited to join a person development programme at my then employer. I enjoyed working in various Service Management roles, but when I saw these coaches at work, I knew what I really wanted; I set a course to become a coach.

Having filled my rucksack with knowledge, experience and skills, I took the plunge and enrolled in an intensive Coach Training Course. Since then, I have been working as an independent coach.

Because I strongly believe in continuous development, I have continued to develop and train myself, resulting in a certificate in team coaching and a certification in mentor coaching. In addition, I can call myself the very first certified conscious parenting method™ coach in the Netherlands.

I now work with teams, (prospective) leaders and parents to bring more peace, confidence and joy into their lives.

My approach

The combination of leadership and parenting may sound crazy, but there are many similarities. In the early 1990s, there was the campaign, ‘a better environment starts with yourself’ to encourage people to become more aware of their own role in a better environment. The same applies to (personal) leadership: a better atmosphere in your team and at home starts with yourself.

If I am aware of my impact on others, I can also change it. Indeed, “I” am the only one I can change.

That’s where leadership and parenting come together: it’s about being aware of yourself so that you don’t get carried away by the situation. Not reacting from auto-pilot, but consciously choosing how you want to react.

In my work, I guide people to become aware of their ‘auto-pilot’ and explore what they need to respond from calmness and confidence.