Helgiene Sampimon
Helgiene Sampimon

Helgiene Sampimon

Training actress

My specialties

  • Training actress
  • Communication trainer
  • Behavioral coach
  • Improvisation instructor
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Get to know Helgiene ...

My name is Helgiene Sampimon-Karsten. I am a training actress, communication trainer, behavioral coach, and improvisation instructor. Where improvisation and effective communication are needed, you can deploy me. I am enthusiastic and quickly establish a safe atmosphere. In my work, I use the method of experiential learning because I believe that acquiring new skills and gaining insight into behavior works best when experienced. This way, both hemispheres of the brain are activated, and the practiced skills are better retained.

My background

In 1992, I completed the Mikojel training program for creative and educational work, specializing in drama and dance. Due to the extensive travels I undertook in developing countries during that time, I eventually opted for a study and career in education as a geography teacher. In my free time, I always engaged in improvisational theater. The freedom and joy that improvisational sports, in particular, provided led me to conduct workshops for students at school. I taught for twelve years (including in Curaçao and Guyana), the last eight of which also involved improvisational theater. In this role, I felt most at home.

In 2007, I was certain that I needed to further expand my love and interest in improvisation and working with people. I obtained my certification as a communication trainer (School for Training), stopped teaching geography, and dedicated myself entirely to moving people through improvisation. Subsequently, I pursued training as an improvisation trainer and training actress. In 2014, I completed the Psychodrama and Playful Coaching program. I work for both profit and non-profit companies, with both youth and adults.

What others say about me.

Enthusiastic, great empathy, sharp but never blunt, sensitive, friendly, delivers realistic performances.