Hans van Gastel
Hans van Gastel

Hans van Gastel

My specialties

  • Executive coaching
  • Talent development
  • Personal coaching
  • Team leadership & coaching
  • Organisational leadership & coaching
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Get to know Hans ...

My name is Hans van Gastel, a passionate coach and connector. I believe that people make the most appropriate choices from trust, connection and leadership. Success and (work) happiness stand or fall with the personal development of the individual. Creating value by connecting people with themselves, the team and the organisation is my mission. So that they themselves feel they belong. When you feel comfortable with yourself as a person, the step to really show yourself is smaller. In whatever environment. Personalising your personality is what we go for together.

My background

In my career, I have always worked at the intersection of business, ICT and people. Over time, the people side has prevailed, the side where my passion lies. And my curiosity, every time. For the last six years in paid employment, I worked at a corporate ICT service provider as a people manager and coach. During this period, I did my post-HBO training. To then work several times as a facilitator and coach for Young Professional programmes. Since 2018, I have been working as an independent entrepreneur, coach and facilitator. A period in which I have mainly focused on coaching and facilitating people within ICT. Both individually and in groups. For consultants, entrepreneurs and directors.

My approach

A personalised approach, based on the talents and qualities of the individual. That is the starting point in every coaching process. Direct, transparent and focused on personal impact. Depending on the coaching question, a process emerges in which you feel free to grow as a person. Together, we unravel the elements that enable you to grow again at both cognitive and emotional level. And look to the future together with your desired perspective.