Hans van Egdom
Hans van Egdom

Hans van Egdom

My specialties

  • Personal coaching
  • Team coach
  • Process coaching
  • Day coach
  • TeamEnergy coach
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Get to know Hans ...

I am Hans and have been part of many different teams from a young age. I have a great curiosity about (collaboration in) teams and especially what are the core characteristics of successful teams. The great thing is that we have only just begun to gain more insight into this. I find the discovery of factors that are there but not observable (undercurrent) by far the most interesting. Why do teams with seemingly the best professionals, sometimes do not perform well at all? What levers can a manager or team coach use to influence this? What is the relationship between upstream (goals, results, agreements) and this undercurrent and vice versa?

My background

After teacher training and scientific training within the field of sport and exercise, I became interested in management. The question of how organisations and teams function soon arose. During my twenty years of independent practice, I made the change from strategy and structure to culture. My focus is mainly on guiding, training and coaching professionals. All these roles involve giving professionals the confidence to develop themselves.

The quote “a person wants to change but not be changed” could be mine. I coach various processes in which innovation, renewal and/or cooperation are crucial. This is done both within sport (sports associations, NOC*NSF, KNVB) and outside (CNV, fire brigade The Hague, LKCA).

My approach

In (team) coaching, I start from the qualities present and am a warm ambassador of positive psychology. I can develop a safe atmosphere in a short time from which development and growth are possible for professionals and thus the team. I easily switch between behaviour, beliefs and identity of team members. With this, I probe for shared values and behaviour (agreeing to speak up).

My training and experience in sports allow me to use the sports metaphor adequately within different teams and organisations. With this, I make (the principles of) team development and team energy transparent and clear for team members. I am comfortable in front of groups/teams and can raise teams above themselves with humour, energy and a critical question.