Eddie van der Wereld
Eddie van der Wereld

Eddie van der Wereld


My expertise

  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Culture development
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I am an empathetic, honest, and reflective expert in sustainable leadership, executive coaching, creative strategic processes, and internationally facilitating culture development in organizations. Additionally, I am a keynote speaker and author of books such as “Achieving Goals for Dummies” and “The Power of Fear.” My focus is on developing sustainable leadership cultures in organizations, connecting the minds and hearts of leaders with contemporary challenges in the areas of health, safety, and environmental awareness.

My approach is characterized by an inclusive and connecting facilitation style, reflecting on behavior and growth potential, conveying infectious energy towards change. I maintain a sharp diagnostic eye on the needs of the organization and its people. I bring organizational and personal issues to the surface, creating a clear picture of change possibilities. People describe me as involved, heart and mind, honest, sharp, empathetic, and results-oriented.

My Expertise

My passion for the person behind the person translates into a passion for sustainable leadership of the future. Leaders face challenges posed by today’s society in areas such as remote work, health, (psychological) safety, and environmental awareness (the societal impact of decisions). It is crucial to connect the minds and hearts of leaders with their own moral compass with the right energy and support them in evolving into a new generation of engaged leaders. Drawing from scientific insights and psychological models, I work on awareness, change, and personal and organizational growth.

I apply the insights from my MBA study in Leadership & Sustainability in combination with experiential learning and solution-focused approaches. My passion for writing is reflected in the creation of books and articles that convey the experience gained from 20 years of facilitating in more than 20 countries with very diverse cultures to the leaders of our future.

My background

After completing my pedagogical study in General and Business Economics at HBO (Higher Vocational Education), I embarked on a brief period in education before advancing my career in corporate journalism. Starting as a journalist, I progressed to become an editor-in-chief. During a reorganization process, I discovered my deep passion for developing individuals and organizations. Subsequently, I pursued various training programs to become a trainer and coach, eventually starting my own business in 2003.

In 2016, I joined the management team of a training and coaching firm, initially focusing on establishing an Academy for (inter)national trainers and coaches to receive and maintain their education at a high quality level. In 2021, I began the Executive MBA Leadership & Sustainability, and my thesis topic is “Engaging Leadership in Remote Environments,” providing a meaningful connection to contemporary leadership challenges.

In 2023, I decided to bring my knowledge and experience more directly to the field and get back to hands-on involvement. In this capacity, I am delighted to collaborate with COURIUS. COURIUS’s values align seamlessly with the passion and energy I have toward the human aspect of change.

With two decades of experience in human development within large corporate organizations across all continents and diverse cultures, I possess a realistic perspective on developments and challenges in organizations. I can adapt to various organizational cultures and create an environment focused on growth and development in synergy with existing challenges. Working from a foundation of relationship and connection, co-creation is a crucial element of our collective success.

My approach

I believe in the good intentions of people and in proactive organizational cultures. From that perspective, I am both reflective, sharp, and empathetic. I invest in connecting with people on a deeper level to translate that into sustainable leadership and the developmental path to follow. Through experiential learning and solution-focused approaches, I facilitate and coach the process that (executive) leaders go through to tap into their potential and bring it to full fruition. In collaboration, I advocate for co-creation to ensure that the initiated change is also sustainable in nature. The person behind the person is central to me, without losing sight of the goal, quality, and results. Together, we make a difference, and I look forward to an inspiring conversation with you.