Claudia Scholten
Claudia Scholten

Claudia Scholten

Mijn specialties

  • Personal Coaching
  • Personal leadership
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Hypnosis & deep relaxation
  • Yoga teacher
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Heart Coherence

Get to know Claudia ...

I am here for leaders who have the courage to connect with themselves and others. Leaders who are willing to explore and shake up their organisation. Not using models or tricks. No, I don’t do symptom control or ‘mental tickling’. We go in depth, we go to the core, so that you change in a sustainable way. Not to become someone else, but to be more yourself.

So that thinking, being and doing are no longer separate. I get genuine joy from connecting and connecting heart-to-heart. And that is ‘heart/hard’ work, make no mistake! ;-)

In my view, effective leadership means making doing business and managing fun for yourself and your team. By ensuring (self)confidence and (self)awareness which leads to more effectiveness in your organisation in the sense of: more commitment, more teamwork, and less absenteeism.

My background

I have worked in the communications profession for almost 15 years. In doing so, my goal as a communication consultant has always been to optimally inform, involve, bind and (help) improve people both internally and externally through communication. As an interim manager and management team member, I have found that I prefer to focus on the people rather than the means. And what connects us? Right. Connecting communication styles and more intuitive leadership skills that connect thinking, feeling, being and doing. I teach you how to increase your authentic communication power and deploy new leadership appropriately.

My approach

What could be cooler than doing business and managing from your passion, knowledge and skills? As a leader, you have a myriad of daily challenges and often this dampens enthusiasm after a while. This often affects the performance and job satisfaction of your employees. I am happy to help you turn your dreams into successful actions, showing you the energy leaks and communication frictions that get in the way. I do this with an intuitive approach and a variety of tools to tackle what is difficult and turn it into a constructive and constructive way of leading. I am committed to your development in both personal and professional leadership.

Do you believe you have more to offer and are only living a small part of your potential? Then you have come to the right place to change this and reconnect with your authentic self. I look forward to meeting you.