Carola Lechtenböhmer
Carola Lechtenböhmer

Carola Lechtenböhmer


My specialties

  • Systemic Business Coaching
  • Team Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mental Health in Business
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Get to know Carola ...

From childhood on I learned that communication was key but almost everyone around me seemed to find it difficult to talk to each other, to really address what needed to be said. I watched them getting stuck in insecurity, disappointment, grief or anger, all of which are not constructive at all…

No wonder that this is what has driven me ever since: contribute to real understanding of what’s going on within the individual and between individuals, between people in teams or management. A transparant, honest and at the same time empathic communication changes relationships in all contexts to the better, it creates trust and thus a vital precondition for success. My ambition is to create a room of safety and trust, in which all elephants can be addressed and hopefully removed – making room for constructive processes, creative solutions and working flows that represent both: efficiency and fun.

My background

After language studies I started out as a state-approved interpreter for English and German, developed concepts on learning and communication for adult educational institutions as well as for different companies. I worked in different leading positions and discovered my joy for effective cooperation, personal growth and mutual empowerment. I became a certified Systemic Business Coach for individuals and teams. A certified Team- and Leadership developer as well as a certified trainer for Business Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation. I founded my own business with Coaching Team Münster to combine all of this and since then have been working on whatever business cases my clients have consulted me for. From conflict resolution to team building, from leadership development to management consultancy, from soft skill to resilience trainings in organisations, corporates and start-ups.

My approach

I go with YOU and stay at your side. After a conscientious and well-founded joint exploration of your concern, followed by analysis and clear view onto resources, possible pitfalls or internal saboteurs, we are going to determine what needs to be worked on, changed or installed in order to reach the desired results. Together we will set the navigation for a suitable route that will get you from A to B to C… Along the way we will constantly evaluate the process, from your first steps of increasing self-awareness up to reaching your desired milestones. My biggest joy is to see you grow, reach your goals or make your dreams come true. The customer feedback that I am the most happy about is this one: “I felt in safe hands throughout the whole process, everything is clear now an I know what to do…”